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Stripping the Bricks

Did you know it’s incredibly difficult to get layers of paint off of brick? This is on the outside of The Building.       Wow. Layer and layers and layers of paint. There’s brick under there, I promise! Now, some of you may be thinking what I thought a couple of months ago, which was “Just get a sandblaster or power washer in here and strip that paint right off!” For me, there’s not…Read More

These Are a Few of My Favorite…Cookbooks!

I have more than one shelf of cookbooks written by my friends, and I find those are the cookbooks I reach for the most. I thought I’d snap a photo of one of my shelves and identify each cookbook. (For convenience, I link to the Amazon listing for each cookbook below…but I don’t have a referral arrangement with Amazon at all. It’s just for your information in case you want to read more.) Note that…Read More

The Stairs

We had to build new stairs inside The Building, as the only stairs connecting the top and bottom floors were a narrow set in the back. The original stairs were torn out years ago; and we adjusted their location in order to accommodate the new plans for the building.       So Marlboro Man and I dropped by this morning to…       Well, walk up the stairs. Hey! They work!    …Read More

Back-to-School Tar-jay Giveaway! (Winners!)

The winners of the Target gift cards are: #41 Linda E. “My favorite thing about fall is sitting outside around a fire on a Saturday night.” #230 Elizabeth S. “I love the cooler weather. And I work for a school division, so I enjoy going back, seeing my colleagues, and meeting new children!” #10101 Bekah: “COLLEGE FOOTBALL!! Go Blue!” #15183 Kathy B: “Breaking out the boots, college football and crisp mornings!” Congrats, winners! Contact…Read More